Terrex Development & Construction is a company that was founded to provide the greatest value to our clients and investors through the delivery of high-quality development and construction services.  To acheive this, we beleive on hiring the best and brightest team members with a emphasis on intellect over manpower. We are looking for genuine people who share our passion for work and the enjoyment that comes from working on great projects with great people! Everyone on our team contributes to the following leadership, culture, and capabilities attributes of Terrex:


Best & Brightest, Strategic, Thoughtful, Positive, Respectful, Transparent, Strong Communicator


Integrity, Innovative, Creative, Easy to Work With, Committed, Dedicated, Love What We Do


Experienced, Knowledged, Results Driven, Wisdom in Perspective, Collaborative, Accountable


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  • We currently do not have any available positions.

While we might not have anything open right now, we are ALWAYS looking for top talent. If you are interested in a future position with Terrex, please send us an email with your contact information and professional resume to the following email address:

      [email protected]

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