We believe the success of a construction project is the result of a well-conceived and managed pre-construction plan. The Terrex team offers the best assurance of constructability, with the most accurate estimates and in-depth analysis to instill the greatest degree of owner confidence. The Terrex approach to pre-construction includes the following tasks:

  • Project goal setting.
  • Understand the project scope and assist to establish the budget goals.
  • Create a detailed project budget using material quantity and unit prices to establish the baseline budget of the project. This will quantify the project costs, allowing for focused refinement and design modifications on where the project can get best value.
  • Items such as operations and maintenance costs, life cycle costs, and cost benefit analysis can be performed early in the project design phase, which allows for design and costs to be focused on best value.
  • From the established project budget, monthly overall updates will be performed, showing the projects progress toward achieving budget and scope goals. Individual areas can be broken out and focused on.
  • As the design team progresses with design, more outside vendors will be brought into the budgeting process, allowing for better market input and pricing.
  • Weekly design and project meetings will be held, with notes, action items and schedules issued and tracked, holding all team members accountable.
  • Terrex will collaboratively and transparently work with the entire team to maximize the project budget and coordination of all parties.