Terrex was created on the belief that we can provide the best project leadership, creativity, and expertise, at a significant cost advantage for our customers. We have great market knowledge and the right Design-Build (DB) and Construction Management (CM) expertise to get both large and small projects done. Based on our size and experience of our company, the DB or CM delivery model is one of the best ways to leverage our team expertise to the fullest benefit for our clients.

Providing superior construction services applies to all phases of the project delivery. The Terrex approach mandates a position of advocacy for each client we serve, where we truly put ourselves in the owner’s position for every project. This includes managing pre-construction, program refinement, budget management, VE, bidding, and the construction execution with a holistic team approach. We believe the more engagement in every phase we can achieve, the more successful we can make the end results.

One of the unique characteristics of Terrex is our commitment to a unified approach. Most contractors use a traditional model where relationships are defined by a system of hierarchy and contractual obligations. While we firmly attest to the need of contractual relationships, we manage the process with a unified approach, maximizing collaboration from all the project’s major stakeholders. This includes the hosting strategic coordination meetings with the project owner, architect and designers, and key sub-contractors.